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The Genia Shockome StoryŠ
The tragic story that will forever change the way you look at the Family Court System in America.

“My husband said he didn’t want the kids anymore and abandoned us. Throughout our marriage he was physically, emotionally and mentally abusive. The police arrested him and locked him up for his domestic violence. He violated an official court order of protection. In fact, he was investigated three times for sexually abusing my children. I thought the courts would protect me and my children. Instead, they ignored the evidence and awarded him custody of my children. Why is the Dutchess County, New York Family Court and Judge Damion Amodeo defending a known abuser and why is the government paying his legal expenses? I’ve been threatened by Amodeo many times with jail if I don’t keep my mouth shut about all this. MY GOD, WHAT’S HAPPENING? They took my children away and are treating me like a criminal."

  Former Unfortunately for Genia, trying to leave a proven abuser and protect her kids would be no easy task. In fact, it would be impossible! What should have been a divorce proceeding would become a custody nightmare for this Russian born mother of two children. All alone and without an attorney, Genia Shockome would have to face a cabal of court attorneys, law guardians, evaluators, social workers and a judge committed to ignoring her evidence and denying her due process. The Family Court Justice System in Dutchess County NY has had a long reputation of doing their dirty work behind closed doors. When the concept of Family Court began over 35 years ago, proceedings were held in secret and stories like Genia’s were the norm. So in 1997, the New York Administrative Board of the Courts ruled that Family Court must be now opened to the public and to media scrutiny. Apparently, judges like Damion Amodeo don’t care about the law or anyone’s First Amendment Rights. In Amodeo’s rule book, defy him and to prison. Can Genia finally find justice in the United States of America? Find out on Scams-n-Scandals

Also on the show: Genia’s attorney Barry Goldstein
Also featuring a startling interview with investigator and Director of the National Alliance for Family Court Justice: Liz Richards.
What’s really behind court corruption in America and how high does it go in government?