The Jack Stratton Story©

Jack Stratton with Host Tai in North Carolina

Jack and Kathy Stratton could never imagine that their 10 beautiful children would be suddenly snatched away by government agents and that their life would change forever. They haven’t been allowed to see any of their kids for close to two years. How come? Why is the Mecklenburg County North Carolina Department of Social Services and Judge Libby Miller so anxious about keeping Jack Stratton quiet and behind bars? Why is North Carolina’s State Attorney General James Coman refusing to hear Jack’s evidence of corruption and collusion in the very system that took his kids away? A sworn affidavit by witness Gaston County Patrol Officer Jeannette Seagle states that “there was no need for the removal of the children.” Are special needs children worth big money to the Child Services System? Could this happen to you Joining Tai is Vice President and Lead Investigator for the Justice Coalition: Alan Beal.

Also on the show is a startling interview with author, Harvard researcher and Public Health expert: Dr. Len Horowitz.

Special conversation with previous guest on our show Yinka Fasinro.