The Maria Martinez Story©

Maria Martinez with her son Elison and sister Lady

When Maria and her family moved into Village of Port Chester N. Y. they put it all on the line. They worked day and night to achieve the America Dream. A restaurant of their own. Overnight, their dreams have turned into an eminent domain nightmare of threats, lies and a loss of their future. How far does the village government greed go? Why are the local courts blatantly ignoring the law designed to protect it’s small business owners. Maria, her sister Lady and her son Ellison speak out on Scams-n-Scandals™ . This is our second installment of “Eminent takes a village! “

Also joining Tai will be eminent domain attorney Mike Rikon, Investigative Journalist for Gannett’s The Journal News, Phil Reisman. A special interview with professor emeritus at Loyola University, author and expert in land law, Gideon Kanner.