The Robert MacElvan Story©

“IRS agents swooped down without warning, surrounded us, ransacked our home and destroyed our property. One agent grabbed my wife’s arm and ripped the ring right out of her hand. It was like the Gestapo! I begged them to tell us what we did wrong? They laughed and said we owed them 2 million dollars and they were coming to collect!!

FEATURING Forensic Accountants Richard and Victoria Osborn)

Accused of not filing a tax return since 1960, retired inventor Robert MacElvain faces fines in excess of 2 million dollars even after spending three years in prison. Was his conviction based on massive fraud and misrepresentations by these IRS agents to the court? Is the IRS out of control? What IRS secrets has the Osborns uncovered that we should all know about...NOW!

Also joining Tai will be Author, IRS expert and negotiator Dan Pilla