The Chester Godfrey Story©

Chester Godfrey with Tai

For more than three generations, Chester’s company has been providing employment for local families throughout North Carolina. After a long application process, he was finally looking forward to opening a new wood chip mill. The written approvals he got from the government was all he needed to build this facility on his property. So he thought! He never imagined that the same government that issued his permits would illegally revoke them without an explanation or without having to answer to anyone. Not even a Judge! He never imagined this reversal would cost him more than a million dollars! Now Godfrey Lumber faces bankruptcy and the many families that rely on him will be on the unemployment line. And the politicians continue to soapbox about bringing in more jobs! Did Chester Godfrey make the fatal mistake of trusting in a bureaucrat’s word? Could this happen to you? Find out on Scams-n-Scandals™.

Joining Tai will be attorney for Chester Godfrey: Sarah Compton. Also on the program is Congressman Cass Ballenger of North Carolina’s 10th congressional district.

Later on the show, hear an interview with author, environmental consultant, and scientist: Dr. Michael Coffman.