Child Confiscation©

Sheryl McGrath, Liz Issacson and Debbie Lefabve of Families at Risk with Tai

This special edition program looks into the mistreatment and victimization of children within the Dutchess County, New York Department of Social Services System. Why is the government prescribing pharmaceuticals like Paxil, Ritlan and Valium to minors? How much money can DSS make when they break up your family and take away your kids? A released report by the child protective Commission of Dutchess County claims that CPS is incompetent, unaccountable and in serious need of repair. But the County Commissioner doesn’t seem to care about it. Why? With Family Court Judges and CPS agents immune from prosecution, how easy is it for you to become a target? Joining Tai are his special guests Sheryl Lane McGraft, Debra Lefebvre and Liz Issackson from Families at Risk. Together they explore the shocking facts about: Child Confiscation. The Inside Story

Also featured is a startling interview with Investigator and Director of CPS Watch, Cheryl Barnes.