The Dr. Ede Koenig Story©

Dr. Ede Koenig with Tai

Dr. Ede Koenig is a naturopathic physician who advocates a vegetarian diet and the use of herbal medicine to address disease. Many consider her approach simple yet revolutionary. Follow natural methods and get well. Her techniques have proven successful in eliminating disease and eliminating the cause. But that got her in big time “hot water” with the State Medical Board of California and the AMA. Seems the medical establishment doesn’t take too kindly to “competitors”. Do practitioners like Ede Koenig pose a perceived threat to an already entrenched medical cartel? Does the government have the right to tell you that all health and healing work must be done through their medical doctors? Will natural health care methods become illegal in the USA? Joining the show are surgeon and expert in vaccine induced diseases VIDS Dr. Rebecca Carley, historian, researcher and author Eustice Mullins and a special interview with medical journalist Ed McCabe on ozone therapies.